September Allen County Lines Quarterly

Members recently received Volume 36 Number 1 of our Quarterly Allen County Lines. We also received the updated password to our Members Only Section of our website.

September 2011 Allen County Lines

Several pages highlight our 35th anniversary banquet in June including a copy of Mayor Henry’s proclamation of June 8, 2011 as Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana, Inc. Day. Marge Graham discusses new databases on our web site. Several pages discuss Mayor Henry’s family roots of this well known large family in Fort Wayne. Several pages show 1861 Dawson Daily Times newspaper articles discussing the Civil War, people, and activities in Fort Wayne. Several detailed death memoriams in July and August 1911 for pioneer John Jacob Buehler, Mrs. Bridget O’Conner widow of Jeremiah O’Conner, golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kemp of New Haven, Louis Schmoe, Mr. J. W. Zeublin of Pendleton the Oldest Methodist College Student, railroad newspaper articles, and recognition of Henry A. Fletter the oldest living native born in 1833 Fort Wayne. A list of names for letters remaining at the Post Office in 1845, member queries, full page memoriam for long time member and Genealogy Center volunteer George Fitzgerald, a list of new members, publications for sale, and lists of board members and contact information.

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