Corrupt Computer File? Restore the Previous File

Whew! Glad Windows 7 has Restore Previous File Versions – a five minute fix rather than reinstalling the software or time searching for a solution! A failed monthly backup over night corrupted my Dreamweaver software when I forgot to shut it down before backing up the computer. I shut Dreamweaver down after the backup locked up, and it must have corrupted a file. When I tried to start Dreamweaver to make a minor addition to the web site, I got error messages. The Designer.xml file was corrupt since it was changed around 6:00 am, the same time I had to abort the backup and force a computer restart. Never a fun thing to do at such an early hour! I blurred the computer name in the image above, it’s not a big security issue, but why risk it? File corruption nor backup failure should happen, but it did. Apparently my older external hard drive used for offsite storage needs to be retired or reconfigured. Windows Previous Version uses Restore Points or previous Backups saving work and time trying to figure out how to restore Dreamweaver used to generate the Allen INGenWeb site.

In Windows Explorer > right click the corrupt file > Properties > Previous Versions tab. Windows searches for Previous Versions in System Restore Points and any Previous Backups. I use Windows Backup daily at a set time to Backup the Documents folder and Windows automatically backs up the system files as a system image. I make sure all software like Family Tree Maker, Office, Outlook, and others Save all user files to my Documents folders rather than buried in hidden default folders in the operating system hierarchy. I had the choice to use a Restore Point or the Backup file copy. The date and time were the same. This is another reason to make regular backups! Just to be safe, I copied and pasted the corrupt file before restoring it, although since it was corrupt, it wouldn’t have fixed anything.

According to Wikimedia “The “Previous Versions” feature is available in the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista and in all Windows 7 editions.”

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