What’s New at ACGSI.org for September 2022

New Allen County, Indiana records added to our www.acgsi.org website. Many items are Public, while some are Members Only.  Your financial Donations, Volunteer time, articles for Lines, Certificate research, and Membership fees make it possible to maintain and add more items online to our ACGSI website.

AACGSI volunteers indexed the names in the 1950 census for Allen County now on our 1950 Census Index page. The official population count for Allen County was 183,722, but we indexed a few additional names which were not included in the official count.CGSI volunteers are now indexing the 1950 census of Allen County.


We are also adding videos of our Free monthly online Zoom Programs in our Members Only section.

2022 June 8 Whats New GenCenter Curt Witcher

Public Section

  • Deed Index 4, 1867-1873, scanned and queued for indexing
  • Funeral Card Collection through #18086


  • Allen County inauguration program, 1991
  • Allen County Basketball guide, 1947
  • Allen County Hockey League news, 1974
  • Catholic Youth Organization grade school basketball tournament programs, 1973, 1974
  • Central Catholic High School senior day program, 1958
  • Central Catholic High School vocations article, 1955
  • Central Catholic High School yearbook, 1922
  • Concordia High School and Concordia College yearbook, 1947
  • Elmhurst High School class of 1959 reunion directory, 2004
  • First Presbyterian Church pictorial directories, 1975, 1994
  • First Wayne St. United Methodist Church pictorial directory, 1982
  • Fort Wayne Bowling Assn. yearbook, 1977
  • Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce directory, 1993
  • Fort Wayne Civic Theater program, Oct. 1953
  • Fort Wayne Police Academy commencement program, 1968
  • Fort Wayne Scouts softball program, 1979
  • Fort Wayne Speedway program, Jun. 1933
  • GTE telephone directory, 1974, G-P
  • North Christian Church pictorial directory, 1976
  • North Side High School class of 1933 reunions, 1963, 1968
  • Portage Junior High School yearbook, 1966
  • Purdue University honor students and graduates, Jun. 2022
  • Scottish Rite convocation program, 1965
  • St. Jude Catholic Church bulletin, 16 Jul 1978
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church pictorial directory, 1987
  • South Side High School Archer Arrows alumni newsletter, Spr. 2022
  • South Side High School commencement program, 2022

Free Monthly Educational Programs


Our Free Educational Programs are presented at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month September through May. To expand our audience and bring the amazing resources of the Society to a wider audience, our 2022-2023 season of programs will be hybrid programs, both in person in the Discovery Center Room at The Allen County Public Library and live streamed on the Zoom platform for those who cannot attend in person. Registration for the virtual programs will be on the ACGSI website. For more information and current program offerings, please see www.acgsi.org, our blog at acgsi.wordpress.com, or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. ACGSI members will be emailed an invitation to each Free Educational Program. Membership in the Society is open to all. Any changes to the meeting platform will be announced on our social media sites. All times listed below are
Eastern Time. Programs are recorded and placed on our website under the “members only” tab.

ACGSI members will be emailed an invitation to each Free Educational Program. Membership in the society is open to all.

Any changes to the meeting platform will be announced on our social media sites.

2022-23 ACGSI Programs

2022-23 ACGSI Programs2

Our FREE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS are open to anyone who wishes to attend.


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